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Great, original copy to land your message right is an investment in communication.


     Well targeted writing is the single most capable vessel to sail your message swiftly across the gap between thoughts and words. Whether your project needs sparkle or sting, humor or sass, gravity or formal polish, I will create a voice that delivers it beautifully. 


     Language is no more “standard” than you are, and no one wants a voice that’s been stifled by archaic rules. On the other hand, stylistic elements such as consistency, clarity, and diction enhance the flow of any prose and facilitate smooth communication. Quiet formality, when combined with even the boldest identity, will achieve two crucial outcomes: it will connect you to your most responsive audience, and it will prevent your message from sinking unheard down the flapping maw of the information mega-stream.

write madness

"The most beautiful things are those that madness prompts and reason writes.”

Andre Gide

Grant Narrative
Because numbers are not your whole story.

     When reaching into their pockets, funders look for well written, pertinent statements that make an instant positive impression. Narrative sections are your voice, and only a writer who believes in your proposal should speak for you.  Before I join your team, I will understand your motivation, your expectations, and your vision for the future. Then, once you have decided on appropriate grantors, I will develop eloquent, persuasive narratives that elucidate your mission, distinguish your application to committees, and help justify your important request. Think of my work as the thousand words your picture is worth.

Ghost Writing
Your essence, my words...a silent partnership that speaks volumes. 

     Whatever its length or purpose, the copy I write for you will be tailored to match your signature voice, to establish one for you, or to provide an alternate sound. I offer versatile communication that is specifically crafted to connect to your particular audience. I am at your service for projects of any length, from white papers and articles to books and novels. Whether to influence, inform, or entice, I will create captivating, accessible pieces that represent your interests with confidence and aplomb. 


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