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Maybe everything happens for a reason. The Richmond Comic Creators Expo happened for several, not the least of which was to make face to face connections with like-minded people. Artists and writers produce work to share with a like-minded audience; without that connection, art is only self-gratification. Sometimes, it’s not even that gratifying.

It must be terrifying to hand your artwork over to a business, even a small one, knowing their endgame is profit. It’s like trusting someone else to raise your child,

jl seagull_edited.jpg

believing that nanny will give her the best life possible, preferably without breaking her spirit. But what if that spirit stands in the way of a “top of the week” list on a mega-market site? Hmmm... spirit or ranking?

Some of my friends have been recently disappointed by their publishing house; promises were broken, but spirits weren’t. Their angry posts and protests should be a caution to all artists to retain as much control as possible over their own products. Of course, we can’t just lock our children away into pretty closets (except in the horror genre, obviously).

So we put them out there, among those who are unsympathetic, bogus, or weird. That’s the only way they’ll ever connect to those who are kind, genuine, and weird. Knowing few will see this, but hoping those that do will get something from it, here’s one of my favorite quotes.

Photo on 2014-10-15 at 14.41_edited.jpg

It’s from Green Day’s song “Viva la Gloria” (long live fame). It’s in dwarvish runes, and it’s backwards, but I made it for you. It says: “Don’t lose your faith to your lost naiveté.”

You’re welcome.

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