Thank you so much to my authors and clients!

     My editor, Sheila Shedd, has helped to bring my stories to the next level. Her skill and help are beyond reproach.

Mark Tufo, Best Selling Author of the

Zombie Fallout Series

     "Sheila 'gets' me. The entire process of editing can be potentially painful for an author, but Sheila understood this book is my baby, and she treated it like it was one of her own. She went the extra mile to include comments in the margins for both suggestions and compliments, which was fantastic. It not only let me know what I needed to improve, but also what I was doing right!”

Suzi Madron, Author of The Immortal War Series

     I'll say this much, Sheila Shedd's edits helped me streamline my novel into something special. She is always concerned with what I think of her changes, and is always willing to throw ideas back and forth with me on how to improve my writing. That's exactly the kind of organic relationship you want with your editor. I'd recommend teaming up with Sheila in a heartbeat."

Tristan Vick, Author of The Resurrection Virus Saga

     "...as always, thanks to the Diction Mistress at Swift Creative Writing, my smoking hot editor, Sheila Shedd. Her comments, research, and insightful suggestions have made a huge difference in my writing. You wouldn’t be reading this book without her."

Javan Bonds, Author of the Still Alive series

     “Sheila Shedd has edited several manuscripts for Winlock and our clients are quite happy with her work. I highly recommend her services. You may contact me for references at any time.”

Monique Happy. Owner, Winlock Press

     “I would love to give Sheila Shedd my highest recommendation. She works with us as a content Writer, Editor, and Grant Writer. Her narratives have been featured as exemplary by The Virginia Commission for the Arts, Virginians for the Arts, CultureWorks, and private and corporate foundations. She has created the language that we use on the majority of our website, and has served as a point person for our Facebook marketing initiatives. I often wonder where we would be without Sheila. She has been instrumental in helping us achieve success as one of Richmond’s emerging arts organizations.”

     “Sheila’s performance and commitment can only be described as stellar. I have been delighted by her unique spin on traditionally modern arts like social media, blogging and graphic media. She possesses an innate talent for driving words and images, and she has an uncanny pulse on trends. Truly, our University is strengthened by Sheila's influence.”

Matt Grinsell, Director of Education

ECPI University

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