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1.  Contact me. Tell me about your project, and about yourself, if you like.


2.  For editing, send me a short, representative sample. You may send this with your initial inquiry.


3.  I will evaluate your work and edit a large enough sample to judge how well our styles will partner. This process takes a few days. I will return your pages along with edits, a rate quote, and a timeframe for completion. 


4.  For Grant Writing, Ghost Writing, or Creative Writing, please contact me to discuss the scope and purpose of your project.  Original writing is billed at $50.00 per hour; for editing only, please see below.


“A page” is determined by the industry standard at 250 words.

***There is a minimum $150.00 charge for any length of work at any level editing. Inquire by email for special rates on very short pieces and for longer projects.*** 


Please Note: I do not provide final formatting for publishing.


For a full description of services, see “Editing” or “Writing.”
NOTE: Prices may be negotiable depending on the length and complexity of your project.

Technical Editing, (includes 2nd Proofread)


Original Writing Services, Grants, White Papers, Web Content


$2.50 per page

Projects may also be priced as a unit; please contact me for details.

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“A page” is determined by the industry standard at 250 words.

Fees are paid through PayPal or by personal check and must be paid in advance unless otherwise agreed upon.

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