An Open Book

     Allow me to expose my motives. Writing and editing isn’t just my work; it’s my passion. Language is art, and through it we envision the infinite landscape of human perception. I’m at my best when creating verbal imagery that unveils complex ideas without squashing them flat. I'm so grateful to be able to put my skills to good use; much of my time is spent helping other authors and thought-leaders find their words and raise their voices. It’s my pleasure, and it’s my calling.

     I have been a writer and editor for 30 years. I publish reviews and unique, short pieces of fiction, and I create and present Arts and Humanities curriculum that encourages adult students to think for themselves, read more, and write better. My favorite gig is performing in all writerly capacities for Cadence Theatre Company, a brilliant arts association whose mission, like mine, is to inspire the world through transformative words.


     So far, I've succeded at being a lifelong student. I hold a Masters Degree in Literature from Virginia Commonwealth University, a Bachelor of Arts in Art History from The University of California, and a degree in Education/Creative Writing from Antioch University, situated in the shadow of Mount Rainier. There are a couple more diplomas lying around, probably crinkled up beneath a pile of books. 


     Memorably, there were three years spent at Cambridge University. I wrote international correspondence from the Department of Astronomy, curated and staged art exhibits, and transcribed correspondence for the Vice Chancellor. But best of all was the muddy river punting...drinking mead and pushing off, followed by lusty, heartbreakingly inadequate recitation of Victorian poetry.


     I’m a California native living in the South; take from that what you will. I dig indie-punk and rock music, deep dark gallows humor, and vintage Doc Martens. I recreate by patiently expanding my dog’s vocabulary and playing wildly competitive rounds of zombie-themed board games with my family.

Sheila Shedd
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